St. Bernard Academy, Likoni, Mombasa

Kipepeo’s first project was a roof reparation of the St Bernard’s Standard Five.

St Bernard was founded in 1992 as a nursery and now it offers classes up to Standard Eight which is the final stage of primary education. 2006 was the first year when the Standard Eight students sat their final examination.

The Academy follows the principles of J.C.M. (Justice and Children Movement) which is based upon family management teachings. The school works with homes for destitutes where they offer general education – the approach depending on the particular child.

The orphans and children from the homes do not pay any fees to attend the school. Currently there is an orphanage project being constructed for orphans in the school which will cater for most of their basic needs.

The school employs 9 members of full-time staff. All teachers are fully qualified. The staff engages in a lot of work with children and the director houses some orphans at his house. The school also runs a housing project involving building rental houses which we is also used to finance the school activities.

The school follows a curriculum set by the Kenyan government. The Head Teacher is responsible for the practical realization of the curriculum and the timetable.

English is one of the official languages in Kenya and from the 2nd grade onwards, children are educated in English.

The school finances come from the Director§s family and from paying pupils.

Your donations improved learning conditions for children in St Bernard Academy. All roofs have been replaced. St Bernard Academy has a new “assembly courtyard" which also serves as a playground. A new nursery was built. The classes immediately next to the road have been moved so the children are no longer disturbed by the noise from the shops and have more peace and quiet for learning.

St Bernard Academy is now fully sustainable and no longer needs us. Thank you very much for all your help that got us here.

School Management

Bernard Okall (RIP)

Tina Kio Msiko