Homeless Boys

Many Kenyan orphans, particularly boys, end up living on the streets. They make their money and living by begging, many of them spend their days aimlessly hanging around, sniffing or drinking a liquid glue.

In 2013, Haggai started a football team FC Shells, Ocean Stars, formed from street boys and children of the poor families in Likoni. Some of the children do not go to school because they are orphans or because their parents cannot afford the expenses. The football team gives them an opportunity to participate in focused activities and get in contact with other children. The team is made up of fifty children ranging from 9 years to 17 years. Haggai, the Kipepeo Director in Kenya, personally coaches them every Saturday and Sunday. For that purpose, he has completed a training for children’s football coaches required by the Football Kenya Federation.

Kipepeo sponsors footballs, first aid kits, training gear, shoes and food for the hungry ones, who are on empty stomachs.

We buy footballs through a Nairobi charity Alive & Kicking that employs workers from the Nairobi slums.

Football Tournament 2016

We hosted a Football Tournament for the local teams in August 2016. The theme of the tournament was “No to Drugs".

Ocean Stars finished 3rd.

On behalf of the boys, we would like to thank VIP Pictures. Exclusive stars and merchandise.  for sponsoring the Tournament.

Please help us say No to Drugs. Please give the boys and young men a purpose in their lives, albeit small, and develop the young sporting talents.